Agent T. Nega comes from the Palindromaverse (which you should have noticed by now). He is a Brockbird and is usally sent to deal with Jo Evil. He is not very tall with only 2 feet to his name but he is a true veteran and is the only agent who has been at the agency since it was first created by Mr. LeaderoftheAnimalAgentsAgency 14 years ago. Though he is old and set to retire in 2 years, he is still in great shape with 90% of his missions ending in success. Rec
Agent T. Nega

Agent T. Nega

ently, he took in Fritz DeDuck as his intern and is still training him well.
General Information
Height 2' 0"
Age 63
Gender Male

Birdus Brockk


Agent T. Nega is a fairly new agent and was added as the idea of the Palindromaverse was developed.

Character HistoryEdit

At age 19, he joined the Animal Agents Organization.

At age 49, he decided to join the Animal Agents Agency.

Other thingsEdit