The Animal Agents Agency (AAA) is an agency consisting of animal agents and was formed by Mr. LeaderoftheAnimalAgentsAgency (yes, all in one). Unfortunately, he mysteriously disappeared one day and Mr. Hazmat took his spot.  Under his leadership, the AAA become even more successful and now delievers pizza and does secret missions to foil evil plans (they used to only deliver pizza). They have also disguised themselves as a hotel rating company and hide out on the 39th floor of Joe's buildings. You generally have to go through 6 years of the "Academy" to become eligible for working there. Currently, there are 8 agents and one secret agent, but new agents are hired all the time.

Command ChartEdit

  1. Mr. Hazmat
  2. Berry the Bobbird
  3. Agent T. Nega
  4. Carl
  5. Mr. Dinosaur
  6. Mr. Mustacheberry
  7. Fritz DeDuck
  8. Agent Broque

The secret agent is Flats Flounder, one and a half in command (secretly)