Berry is a bobbird and works for the AAA (Animal Agents Agency) which delivers pizza and fights crime. He is 1' 2" and can swim. Often he is sent out to stop Joe and/or Dr. Schmirtzendoof.

General Information

1' 2"



Gender Male
Species Birdus bobb
Base Character Perry the Platypus


Berry was added in at stage 3 of development. He was usually located in pictures of Joe's inventions. He often


works alone. He joined the Animal Agents Agency at age 4. Right now, he lives with F-guy and P-man who don't know anything about his secret job and think that he is just a regular Bobbird.

Character HistoryEdit

When Berry was 1, he was adopted by F-guy and P-man

Berry joined the Agency at age 4.


  • The agency is lead by Mr. Hazmat.
  • Berry is second in command.
  • He has time traveled once to stop Bob from becoming evil.
  • Berry cannot talk. He can, however, gasp (if neccesary).

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