Cheerisquares are a type of cereal.

They sell about 51-52 boxes every year to Mr. Broque.

The box art that I cannot show you due to lack of scanners lying around says this:


  • Expires: Yesterday


  • Cheerisquares
    • (Regular Flavor)
    • Keeps Your Broques Broquey!
    • And Lowers Cholesterol! (Kind of)
    • Don't Read The Tiny Letters!
  • NEWish
  • Doctor Support: not AMAZINGLY HEALTHY!
  • (enlarged to show LACK of texture)
  • Endorsed by Mr. Broque! (who is not uncool)
  • (Almost) No Artificial Stuff!


  • Cholesterol (possibly) Lowered!
  • Ka-Ping! (not Ka-Lump)

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