The clearance levels are there to keep some information classified.

They are listed as follows:

Clearance Level -1 : Be Joe

Clearance Level 0 : Be a Joesupporter

Clearance Level 1 : Not know about Bob

Clearance Level 2 : Heard of Bob

Clearance Level 3 : Seen Bob

Clearance Level 4 : Make a Bobthingy

Clearance Level 5 : Be in the Bob Fan Clup

Clearance Level 6 : Have a character approved

Clearance Level 7 : Have 10 pages approved

Clearance Level 8 : Be a Founder of the Bob Story (just Mr. Euqorb and Charles Broque) sorry :(

Clearance Level 9 : Be a Founder for a year

Clearance Level 10 : Be a Founder for 10 years

Clearance Level 11 : Be a Founder for 100 years

Clearance Level 12 : Be Bob

Since you aren't a founder, some information will be kept from you forever (like the secret identity of the secret creator). Don't feel bad about it though. Some of us don't know some of that forever withheld information either.

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