This event occurred when Joe was trying to leave his house but the Noinator was there.


(Joe wakes up and checks his clender)

(The calendar says: SPRING, Feb 15)

(Joe walks over to the exit door) Joe: Can I leave now?

Noinator: No!

(Joe takes a moment to gather all the etiquette he has)


Noinator: No!

(Joe gets out his Phoninator v0 and tries to press the call button)

(Phoninator v0 explodes)

(Joe sits in a chair)

(Joe is bored)

(Joe is more bored)

(5 hours pass)

(The new Phoninator v1 comes out and is slid under Joe's door)

(Joe holds up the Phoninator v1 triumphantly)

(Joe starts a call)

Joe's Employee: What?

Joe: Uninstall the Noinator.

Joe's Employee: We can't leave until our boss shows up...


Joe's Employee: Prove it...

Joe: ...

Joe's Employee: We're hanging up now.

Joe: NO!

(hang up sound is heard)

(Phoninator v1 explodes)


This story is currently incomplete. We are currently deciding how it should end. You can suggest a way for it to end on the forums. There is a topic that you can get to by finding the link near the bottom of this page.

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