Joe founded the first Joeschool a couple years ago and now there are hundreds of them. Joeschool is a harsh place where you barely learn anyways. They are primarily found in the Meniverse. You have to go through 19 years of Joeschool. There are classes like torture class, death class, or unfun class. Worst of all, Joeclass! Generally, the kids go to school from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m.

After school, the kids have around 6 hours of homework to do (since they only have 5 hours between the schooldays, kids don't usally finish their homework or get any sleep, not to mention free time).

Every seven days, they get .2 days (4.8 hours) free (as well as the 5 hours in between schooldays). Usally, kids use this time to make up homework. They get 1 day of winter break, 1 day of spring break, 3 days of summer break, and 1 more day of You'rewelcometaking.

The most successful student in Joeschool ever was Jo Evil.

The DayEdit

The doors open at 3:58 and you have to be in homeroom by 4:00, which is 28 miles away. If you're late, you get a detention. Then, there are 58 minutes of your homeroom teacher (Mr. Boring) blabbering away about his life (you have to listen).

Afterwards, you go to second period which is 2 hours long. Third period is also 2 hours long and so are all the other classes.

After fifth period, you go to lunch. There are 27.9 seconds of lunch (carefully timed with Joe's Lunchstopwatchinator) and everyone is called at the same time. Once the 27.9 seconds are over, you can't eat any more, and if you do, Joe shoots you. The only one who was ever able to eat something there was Jo Evil, using his Lunchgrabmachine 2000.

After lunch, there are just 5 more periods left. After tenth period, you get to leave. Generally, about 10 students that enter the building don't leave. Joe doesn't care; He just drafts more. You can ride on the Joebus but that's not safe because it either breaks down, explodes, drives into a wall, or drops you off somewhere in the desert so most kids just end up walking home (cars are too expensive and/or dangerous).