Katherine (not to be confused with Catherine) is Mr. B's coffee machine. She has a bitonous automated voice. Katherine makes coffee for all the employees at Mr. B's building and is also a dangerous weapon (have you ever spilled coffee on yourself?).


General Information
Height 11"
Age .4 (146 days)
Gender Female
Species Machinus coffi


Came about nicely along with the rest of the employees.

Character HistoryEdit

Was manufactured in Switzerland (not the one you know).

Bought by Mr. B for an equivalent of $14.59 on August 7, 2012.

Mr. Delightful's NotesEdit

  • Is obviously Mr. B's favorite coffee machine.
  • Makes Mr. B's favorite coffee (Park Roast).
  • Can make Mr. J's favorite coffee (Plight Roast).

Other Things/TriviaEdit

  • She is Catherine's sister.
  • Mr. B secretly likes her (but won't tell anyone about it).




Love InterestsEdit

  • Currently Unknown (not the person)

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