The Very Emotionally Scarring BackstoryEdit

2nd GradeEdit

Mr. B discovers tea. But then he chokes on it and Lawrence says, "ho ho ho".

4th GradeEdit

Mr. B is standing in line for lunch. Lawrence throws tea in his face and says, "ho ho ho".

7th GradeEdit

Mr. B is at his locker when Lawrence pushes him in and pours tea through the slots and says, "ho ho ho".

9th GradeEdit

Lawrence grabs Mr. B and smashes Mr. B's head on a cup of tea while saying, "ho ho ho".

12th GradeEdit

Lawrence kicks Mr. B in the dispenser and pushes him into a puddle of tea while saying, "ho ho ho".

Mixed Culture CollegeEdit

Lawrence ties up Mr. B while Mr. B is asleep and pours tea up his dispenser (shivers). Mr. B is screaming, "NO! PLEASE!", but Lawrence persists and says, "ho ho ho".

Driver's License PlaceEdit

Mr. B spots a tea machine. Lawrence had it rigged and it explodes while he says, "ho ho ho".

First JobEdit

Mr. B is a cashier at GroceryMart. Lawrence sneaks up behind him, lifts off his cap, and pours tea into Mr. B's gumball dome while saying, "ho ho ho".

Present DayEdit

Lawrence only gets to do a prank involving tea once a year on Mr. B's birthday because Mr. B is in his best mood all year. Mr. B pays Lawrence the least and yells at him the most. Lawrence can't get another job beacuse there aren't any. Mr. B seems to constantly be on the verge of firing him.