Mr. Medieval ( Robert Jacobs) is a professional wrestler. He made his first appearance in the EHF in it's second year of business (1998), and has been with the company ever since. He has worked under this name for other independent promotions such as USAW, and ICW. Mr. Medieval is the ultimate adversary and antagonist in the EHF. He is extremely powerful, methodical, brutal and charismatic. He has appeared at WWE Monday Night Raw in the audience.

Billed as: Mr. Medieval

Billed Height: 6'2"

Billed Weight: 200 lbs Promotions worked for: EHF USAW ICW SMW

Billed Alignment: Heel

A.K.A. The Reaper of Wayward Souls The Warlock of the Damned Necromancer of the Shadows The Master of the Ungodly Chokeslam The Dimension Traveller The Ancient One The Dread Lord

Finishing Move: The Nail in the Coffin (Chokeslam) Signature Move: The Reaper Rack and Stretch (Double arm bar submission).

Career Highlights:

  • First professional wrestler in history to beat another wrestler with a Christmas tree.
  • Represented the United States of America (and won) in the first ever "Nation vs Nation" handicap match vs. "The Terrors" 2 weeks after Sept. 11th.
  • Created the dominant faction "Legion." A compilation of the most vicious heels led by Mr. Medieval.
  • Performed pro-bono event for children with terminal illness.

Bio: If there is one thing to fear in the EHF, fear Mr. Medieval. Mr. Medieval is a master tactician and strategist. He is extremely methodical. He shows zero empathy or sympathy. Mr. Medieval delights in the suffering of his foe(s). He has a very bad temperament, mean streak, and short fuse. Mr. Medieval is extremely intelligent, and creative in his brutality. Mr. Medieval shows a disgust for most everyone and has a very high superiority complex, with the intelligence to support this demeanor. Considers himself the top adversary of the EHF and it's rightful leader. He considers himself a gentleman until he desires not to be. Mr. Medieval laughs at most strike attacks delivered to him encouraging his opponent(s) to "do better." He aligns himself with others only to serve his own purpose(s). Very powerful and skilled hand to hand combatant. Refers to his fedora hat as his crown and his face paint as war paint. He has shown fondness of music, poetry, and art. Mr. Medieval is the single most destructive force the EHF has ever faced. Current Commisioner of the EHF. Amused and disgusted at less intelligent beings. Has quoted biblical scripture fluently and eloquently. Well versed in The Teachings of Ra. Very knowledgable of historic events (specifically great tragedies). Considers it his obligation to revive the old ways of the EHF. Claims to not be good or evil but above both. In "calm" temperament he is destructive and formidable. In full rage, Christmas tree beatings have occurred as well as multiple and consecutive chokeslams. Mr. Medieval is the epitome of not to be trifled with!

Mr. Medieval quotes: "Loved by none, respected by some, feared by all." -M

"You are in checkmate before you move a pawn." -M

"When I'm in the ring, the Devil takes notes." -M

"There is no good or evil. Only choice. Choose to stand and fight. Or lay down and die before me. Either choice must be met." -M

"I will lay down upon you vast amounts of suffering and punishment because I can." -M

"If you wake up, tied to a tree upside down in the middle of nowhere....a place no one can hear your screams, and all you see is my conquering frame before you with a handsaw and a steel pipe, then will you listen?" -M

"I am Mr. Medieval! I am your king now! Do not forget lest I remind you!" -M

"Goodnight sweet prince." (Mockingly referring to an unconscious adversary). -M

"It is time for the Legends of the EHF to wake up and be what you used to be. I will show you the way." -M

"You are no more than a mere fly. An annoyance. Humming and buzzing before my conquering frame. Easily swatted and squished." -M

"I will put you up and display you publicly." -M

Robert Jacobs is the co-owner of EHF, and the owner/operator of ICW. He is a promoter for independent wrestling shows and talent. Mr. Jacobs is an accomplished hand to hand combatant with training in amateur wrestling, judo, aikido, and submission street fighting and self defense. He currently resides in South Bend, Indiana.

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