It's really impossible to say what Mr. Random is doing, because like listing all the irrational numbers, he can always be doing something not on the list of things you said he could be doing. As a consequence, we can't really show you a picture, because by the time the picture is up, he will look like something else. We can tell you some things he has done before though.

What Mr. Random Has Done AlreadyEdit

  • traveled around the infinitiverse 186 times
  • eaten 4 pillowcases at the same time
  • been in 3 places at once
  • juggled 12 and a half chainsaws
  • jumped higher than Mr. Jump
  • pretended to be Mr. Unrandom
  • beat Bob at Bobball
  • beaten light in a race
  • flew on top of a plane
  • done everything on the page about the old sandwich
  • ventured in and out of a black hole
  • told the Secret Creator to wait
  • been in and out of the Netherverse
  • convinced Mr. Delightful that it wasn't a bad day after all
  • convinced Mr. B that Katherine liked him back
  • shape shifted
  • beat Mr. B at Gumball.
  • ate pizza
  • ate a box o' spag. (just the box)
  • something random
  • something unrandom
  • typed these eight words you are reading now
  • Rode a cow to the Secretiverse.
  • Ate Joe.
  • Smelled like fish.
  • and (infinitely) many more...