The Nicescale is a scale of how nice you are. It goes from 0 to 100 (lie!).

-inf to -1Edit

If you fall here, you are a Joesupporter or Joe himself.

Joe lies at -28.

0 to 30Edit

If you fall here, you're drafted to the Meniverse. You have to go or Joe kills you.

31 to 69Edit

If you fall here, you're average, as far as everyone else is concerned.

70 to 100Edit

If you fall here, you're invited (not forced) to go to the Wniverse if you want to.

101 to infEdit

If you fall here, you are extra dextra bextra nice and are worthy of standing next to Bob or something like that.

Bob lies at 143.

Any Questions?Edit

Would you like to know where other characters, people you know, or even you are on the Nicescale? Ask us in the comments.

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