We have a system of Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III crimes. Maybe even a Tier IV if you're evil.

Tier I: 2 hours - 3 days block

  • Making new pages without purpose, reason, or permission (The page about noodles and why they are cool). See it here!
  • Increased inactivity

Tier II: 1 week - 1 month block

  • Abusing multiple accounts (double voting and related topics).
  • Intimidating behavior or harrassment (im coool and u suk u sstupd idots).
  • Inserting false information (adding information that you don't know the validity of).
  • Inserting gibberish (*!@YFfsdAGHNaiaJKAhr82h@*!&NHJABhsaj@*&S).
  • Removing content from pages ().

Tier III: 3 months - 1 year block

  • Spamming external links to other websites or advertising for free without permission (Get a brain at today!).
  • Unacceptable username (Hello, my name is $#!*).
  • Most cases of "Other" (9 in every 10 cases).

Tier 4: >1 year block (maybe even forever)

  • Extreme cases of "Other" (1 in every 10 cases).
  • Malicious accounts.