The Spelling Bee took place in 2000 at Mixed Culture School. The questions were given in order of skill level. Other bees that took place in nearby years can be found here.

NOTE: I assure you that all the words listed below are spelled correctly.


Level -1Edit

  • I
  • a
  • be

Level 0Edit

  • blue
  • grass
  • cheese

Level 1Edit

  • amazing
  • perplexive
  • extraordinary

Level 2Edit

  • xylophone
  • archaic
  • euphoric

Level 3Edit

  • Czechslovakia
  • acknowledgment
  • amphitheater

Level 4Edit

  • aneurysm
  • bureaucratic
  • champagne

Level 5Edit

  • connoisseur
  • chauvinism
  • triskaidekaphobia


Bob won the Spelling Bee. He got every word right.

The runner-up was Mr. Amazingatspelling who got every one but the last one.

Joe failed at the word "I".

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