The Great Idea Drought of 2013 had four stages. These four stages were:

  1. The Downfall
  2. The Descent
  3. The Darkness
  4. The Reboot (C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER)

The DownfallEdit

The downfall occured when (mostly) orignal content started to dwindle. The seemingly endless supply of fresh ideas has ceased provision. This came as quite a shock to us. Mass (mass used exaggeratively) panic ensued. The unthinkable had begun.

The DescentEdit

This lack of ideas continued. It drew itself out longer and longer, and soon we couldn't keep our creativity raft afloat on the blatant lack of idea water. Soon new ideas stopped coming and the next stage replaced this one.

The DarknessEdit

The Darkness was the longest period of time out of all the stages. It lasted many months, and it occured when we realized how little people actually cared. We abandoned the wiki and all of its content, maybe making a sad reference to it once a week.

The RebootEdit

The Reboot occured the most recently and that was when suddenly the apparent dam collapsed and suddenly we had so many ideas and no motivation to share them. However, eventually we got around to finally uploading the list to the Bob Wiki and now we are working on making the list into pages.