The rule book was created by Bob. However, not all parts of the infinitiverse use it (like the Meniverse). These are just basic ones. The full one is too big to fit on the internet. Each rule that is above another rule overrides that rule.

  1. You have to listen to the president (this may sound a bit harsh but remember that Bob is the president so he is not going to do anything mean).
  2. You have to follow what your name says.
  3. You cannot physically hurt anybody (that includes killing).
  4. You cannot impersonate an important person.
  5. You must follow the laws (which aren't really laws but a list of illegal things).

This is the (extremely) shortened version of the rule book.

Some Other Things You Might Want to KnowEdit

Illegal ThingsEdit

  • Time travel to the future (not counting return trips from the past).
  • Time travel to the past for non-tourism reasons.
  • Breaking, ripping, or otherwise destroying parts or all of the space-time continuum.
  • Using Mr. Internet for something it was not designed to do.
  • Abusing the Alternatehistoryverse.
  • Paying with an unacceptable currency (like candy).
  • Existing without a license.
  • Not following the laws.