If you do it right, you can create your character pretty quickly. There are just 6 7 simple rules to follow:

  1. Read all the rules. This is the one most people forget.
  2. Follow the rules. This is the one most people forget.
  3. Be simple -- Don't use too complicated designs. Pictures are not mandatory but save us a lot of work.
  4. Make the descripiton an acceptable length -- Don't write 2 words and convince yourself that you're done. Use the other character pages to see what yours should look like. It should look the same as any other character pages, including all the tables and other parts.
  5. Don't make it offensive -- We don't teach new words and neither should you. Don't put anything on here that you wouldn't want to tell your grandma. Alright; we lied. We teach some new words. The words aren't intended to be profanity though.
  6. No armadillos -- It's an armadillo. No.
  7. Place it in a category called Fanwork. And spell it right, it's case sensitive. We look over this category every Saturday (or earlier if we have time), and your character might be promoted!

As long as you follow these rules, you can create your own character quickly and easily.